Have you been thinking about contact lenses, but don’t believe that they are suitable for you?

We are delighted to say that we’ve most likely got the perfect contact lenses for you. Even if you had previously thought that your eyes were too dry to be able to use contact lenses, or that your prescription was unsuitable.

Advancements in contact lens technology mean that there are now contact lens design options for all ages and visual requirements.

Our extensive range of contact lenses allows us to offer options for almost everybody and every situation. Whether you are looking to use contact lenses regularly, just for sports and social occasions, or to help with  reading labels when out shopping, we are able to offer you a solution.

Included within our immense portfolio of lenses are ones that can correct for non-standard prescriptions, astigmatism and near vision. In addition to this, we are also delighted to offer hard gas permeable lenses and a range of lenses for myopia control.

Whether you require a daily disposable lens to help you see better on the golf course, or one with a multifocal design to make life on the computer less of a strain, we have  contact lenses to meet your needs.

In addition to these modalities of contact lenses, we are also be able to offer i-Go Overnight Vision Correction lenses. These lenses are a non-surgical treatment which correct short sightedness (myopia). These custom designed overnight contact lenses are worn while sleeping and then removed each morning resulting in perfect natural vision all day long.

We are always happy to discuss contact lenses with you whether or not you are an existing wearer, a previous wearer or simply someone who has never thought that contact lenses might be an option for yourself.

Contact lenses can be supplied either on an ad hoc basis, or as a regular, scheduled shipment. Our popular Platinum and Gold Direct Debit schemes help you to enjoy some additional benefits, as well as offering excellent value for your contact lens wear requirements.