contact_lens_blueWe are very proud of our ability to offer contact lenses for a wide variety of standard and non-standard prescriptions and fittings. As an Independent Practice we are free to utilise an immense portfolio of contact lenses from a variety of leading Manufacturers.

Our extensive clinical range allows us to offer everything from the increasingly popular one -day disposable contact lens to 2-weekly, and monthly lenses through to multi-focal contact lenses . Multifocal lenses are also available with astigmatism correction. More traditional modalities like Hard Gas Permeable lenses are also regularly dispensed.

We are delighted to also be able to offer i-Go Overnight Vision Correction lenses. These lenses are a non-surgical treatment which correct shortsightedness (myopia). Custom designed overnight contact lenses are worn while sleeping and then removed each morning resulting in perfect natural vision all day long.

Through advancements in contact lens technology, contact lenses are available for all ages.

We are always happy to discuss contact lenses with you whether or not you are an existing wearer, a previous wearer or simply someone who has never thought that contact lenses might be an option for you.

Please ask us to tell you all about our Platinum and Gold Direct Debit schemes